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What’s important to an organization’s future success?

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What’s important to keep innovating?

  • Thriving, high performing teams

What’s important to ensure high performing teams?

  • Amy C Edmondson

Maybe you have seen her name in the articles on Google’s project Aristotle where they made a serious effort to find out what characterized their most high performing teams? The top answer: Psychological safety, ie a workplace where people feel comfortable expressing and being themselves, where employees can speak up and where their ideas and their questions will be welcome. That’s how we learn, that’s how we can improve and innovate. We are all better off when we are candid. But there are natural mechanisms in our human nature that hold us back. “There is an intuitive understanding that better safe than sorry.” Edmondson says.

If you haven’t read her previous book Teaming, it is highly recommended! Now she is back tackling the human side of the innovation equation in the new book The Fearless Organization, emphasizing that psychological safety is not an end in itself but that what we’re aiming for is a learning, innovative and high performing culture.

“One of the most common unwise management practices is the reliance – whether consciously or not – on fear and even intimidation as a strategy for getting results. And I think the neuroscience and the psychology is pretty clear that doesn’t work. You might wonder well, why are people still doing this? This is the 21st century, we are in the knowledge economy. We know that people and talent are our most scarce resources, so why do managers keep doing this?”


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/ Anna Lundbergh, Ambiwise: Enabling organizational and strategic agility