Practise Integral Leadership

How often do we practice taking a different perspective? And to systematically merge the views into a larger whole? The latest meetup in the Teal for teal Malmö network had the theme of Integral Leadership in practice with Bettina Hartmann from Copenhagen as a coach and facilitator. She talked about the importance of looking at different perspectives and balancing the system, for a good quality of life and good leadership. We did a scenario exercise in a group with the four quadrants (see picture) as a starting point: we explored different perspectives and combined them into a whole (integrated them, hence integral leadership, the basic idea is that the perspectives are complementary and that all of them are needed). What perspective is most natural for you: The individual or the collective? Do you consider the inner, subjective perspective or the external, objective?

We went into the practice as 25 individuals where most met for the first time but two hours later it almost felt like we had a company together, just like in the scenario. This exercise fits well into a kickoff or as a start of strategy days / business planning.

If you missed this opportunity but is interested in organization & leadership, you are welcome to our upcoming meetings with Teal for Teal Malmö. Next time: 17/10. Stay informed via the LinkedIn group Teal for teal Sweden, Facebook page Teal for teal Malmö or www.reinventingorganizations.se

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