Wayfinding: making sense i complexity and uncertainty 17/9

Often we think of “being professional” as having things in order and control, while the society of today is increasingly demanding the ability to act in uncertain and complex situations. Three tips for navigating in complexity:

– The word “complex” is often used a little carelessly. Keep in mind the difference between complicated and complex: Complicated systems are ordered, like a car. An expert can disassemble and re-assemble the parts. Complex systems are open and non-linear, like traffic. There you are a co-driver in a not so predictable flow.

– Complex systems consist of a large number of elements and the interactions are crucial for the whole. You interpret the context and adapt. What worked in one situation is not necessarily the recipe for success in another context. However, we can choose direction and set the constraints. There are governing constraints and there are enabling ones.

– In complex systems, we strive to pull in the same direction (coherence) but not as in Follow John (alignment). In traffic you should follow traffic rules, but at the same time you are expected to adapt your driving to the conditions. There are fewer accidents in roundabouts than there is in intersections with traffic signals. How do you apply that knowledge in your work?

If you would like to know more and do some practice: Welcome to this seminar Tuesday Sept 17th at Studio, in Malmö. The seminar will be in Swedish.