Experiences from Holacracy

Distributed leadership is a way for an organisation to be adaptable, agile and resilient in times of complexity and change. Holacracy is probably the most well known model of how to work with roles and self-organising teams and a fundamental practise in teal organizations. Drawing on two years of experience, Magnus Christensson, previous CEO of Socialsquare in Copenhagen gives an introduction to the practical side of Holacracy and how it works in real life. Socialsquare recently merged with Reload A/S, but you will hear about why Socialsquare introduced an agile organisational form and what where the consequences in terms of opportunities, challenges and practical experiences. There will be opportunities for asking questions and discussion.


17.30-18.00: Check-in and introduction

18.00-18.40: Presentation from Magnus Christensson

18.40-19.00: Break with snacks

19.00-20.00: Discussion and check-out.


This seminar is aimed at managers, team leaders, business developers, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and all people interested in holacracy. It will be held in English and is free of charge. Welcome! Sign up here please

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