About Anna

People and ideas, perspectives and development have always had my interest. And the ocean. The ocean fascinates and restores, it is always new, never the same. Panta rei, the only constant is change. To grow as a person and to co-create new solutions for a brighter future is what motivates me.

Since 2017, I work as an independent consultant in Ambiwise with strategic leadership, transformation and  adaptive change with an integrated approach to customer, corporate culture, strategy and processes. Sensemaking is the core in my work; how we understand the situation and take action to shape our destiny. I bring together diverse people and ideas, reframing the conversation in ways that catalyse change and renewal.

My work is based on experiences, research and the latest knowledge within the field. I hold a MSc in Business administration/Strategic management and a Bachelor’s degree in Comparative literature, both from Lund University (1999). I also studied at the University of Sheffield (UK) and the Sorbonne (Paris, France) and keep up to date for instance with U.lab – Leading from the emerging future (MIT Boston, USA).  I am well versed in the concepts of complex adaptive systems and adult development.

Since the spring of 2016 I am hosting Teal for teal Malmö, a local hub in a global network that has emerged from the book Reinventing Organizations, a network with the purpose to inspire new ways of working and to connect professionals to exchange knowledge and experiences within this field.

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