About Anna

People, perspectives and development have always had my interest. And the ocean. The ocean fascinates and restores, it is always new, never the same. To grow as a person and to co-create value and new solutions for a brighter future is what motivates me.

Since 2017, I work as an independent consultant in Ambiwise with transformation and change with an integrated approach to customer, corporate culture, strategy and processes. During my studies at Lund University I started working extra for Bokus, the first internet bookstore in the Nordic countries and this lit my interest for the web and the consequences of a global digital network.”Which of the old truths and structures will still be relevant, and in what respects do we need to rethink and to build new ones?” is a query I carried with me from then. My career can be seen in four phases:

1999-2003 Customer focus, internet, the future. Smaller, growing companies: Bokus, Kairos Future, MediaCom Digital. Methods: Scenario planning, Customer segmentation. Roles: Procurement, Media Analyst.

2003-2012 Digitization, service & process design system vision, international assignments. Public sector: Swedish Agency for Public Management, OECD, Skånetrafiken. Methods: Process development, Lean, Agile. Roles: Strategic Development Officer, Senior Business analyst, Project- o Program manager, Product owner.

2012-2016 Customer-focused service & process design, corporate culture, change management. Business: Acando, E.ON. Methods: Lean, NPS, Customer journey mapping, Design thinking. Roles: Management Consultant, Business Manager.

2016- Transformation / org development, purpose driven & learning organizations,. Methods: Cynefin / Complex adaptive systems (non-linear), enabling & strategic leadership, co-creation and self-awareness (ever-increasing). Self-employed: Ambiwise. Roles: Consultant, change facilitator, sparring partner, speaker.

Sensemaking is the core in my work; how we understand the situation and take action to shape our destiny. I orchestrate development, hold space for people and ideas and catalyse renewal and value-creation.

Besides personal experience, I make an effort to keep up to date with research and the latest knowledge within the field. I hold a MSc in Business administration/Strategic management and a Bachelor’s degree in Comparative literature, both from Lund University (1999). I update with courses, for instance U.lab – Leading from the emerging future (MIT Boston, USA).  I am well versed in organization & leadership, the concept of complex adaptive systems and psychology related to change & development, which together forms a good foundation for sustainable growth.

Since the spring of 2016 I am hosting Teal for teal Malmö, a learning community in a global network that has emerged from the book Reinventing Organizations, a network with the purpose to connect practitioners to exchange experiences within this field and to inspire new ways of working.

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