Adaptive organization

I work with organizational agility: make work work at the edge between what is and what can be.

In a world in transition, rather than focusing on organization, it is more relevant to look at organizing and how we interact. In a world in constant flux , an organization needs to adapt to its contexts, and it needs to support the people working in it: Fit for context, purpose and fit for humans. How do we get to agility? We need open, innovative, adaptable and learning organizations that are relevant to the current reality rather than copied from a different time or place. With 20 years of experience from various organizations I have the experience, knowledge and know-how to support, educate and coach transformation and change. I take a complexity-informed and holistic approach to context, strategy, purpose, culture and structures for execution.

Get in touch if you work with:

  • Self-organization and participatory leadership
  • Learning organizations
  • Value-creating networks.

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