Strategic agility

Strategy is all about making choices and priorities. Fifty years ago under more stable conditions, strategic planning was feasible. In the 80’s the strategic focus was on competition, core competencies and market share and then shifted to strategy as a process. In a fast moving “VUCA world”,  your perception, sensemaking and strategic thinking are more important than ever: Strategic agility. Probably you have heard the saying “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.  No doubt that culture, norms and behaviours have large impact on the business, they are the business. Yet, the best results are achieved when strategy and culture are aligned. Action informs insight and insight informs action. That is why I am talking about Living Strategy, where ‘Living’ stands for the culture, the doing and being that we manifest in our daily actions. While you do not make a detailed strategic plan, you still need to make priorities when navigating in complexity and ambiguity. I work from an integrated approach to strategy, culture and structures for execution.

  • Strategic thinking
  • Strategic doing
  • Emergent strategy

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Together with Dave Snowden, Cognitive Edge, and Sonja Blignaut, More Beyond, after Sonja and I gave a seminar on navigating in complexity.