3 learning loops

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Do you mostly focus on the immediate feedback-loop goal-result or do you also work with double loop learning (how) and triple loop learning (why)? This is an image from my presentation to a governance conference next week on combining systems thinking with performance management in public sector. 

Leading in Complex Times

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Every now and then I see “leadership” being contrasted to “management”, where management is out in the cold and leadership is presented in a more positive way, as something desirable. To me they are complementary; we need ‘both-and’. The polarization is by no means surprising. Development often happens in pendulum movements. But if you read […]

Turn off the autopilot. Create the map together.

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What did you learn this week? What surprised you? This week we facilitated an open workshop on collaborative sensemaking, me and the talented graphic recorder Helene Stalin Åkesson together with 20 participants. I will tell you something that I learnt. First a few words on why and what. In a world full of change and […]

Nätverket som förnyar organisationen

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”Nu vet jag vad jag ska göra när jag kommer tillbaka till kontoret!” sade min kollega med eftertryck. Vi höll just på att avsluta det andra mötet mellan förändringsagenterna. Nya målsättningar började ta form. Energin i rummet var så tydlig att man kunde ta på den. Några månader senare hade energin spridit sig från mötesrummet […]