Leading in Complex Times

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Every now and then I see “leadership” being contrasted to “management”, where management is out in the cold and leadership is presented in a more positive way, as something desirable. To me they are complementary; we need ‘both-and’. The polarization is by no means surprising. Development often happens in pendulum movements. But if you read […]

Enabling leadership

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  The digital infrastructure has improved exponentially, and as individuals and consumers we have adopted new functionalities and habits. Direct access and ‘tailor made for me’ are the expectations of customers today. We let go of the CD with a solid track list, some people started using Pirate Bay and then we got Spotify with […]

How do we create the company that we want to work for?

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How do we create the company that we want to work for? That’s the theme of my clients internal conference where I will speak about working with self-management and teal organization and facilitate the discussion that leads to the next steps.  Relevant for you as well? Welcome to contact me.

Nätverket som förnyar organisationen

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”Nu vet jag vad jag ska göra när jag kommer tillbaka till kontoret!” sade min kollega med eftertryck. Vi höll just på att avsluta det andra mötet mellan förändringsagenterna. Nya målsättningar började ta form. Energin i rummet var så tydlig att man kunde ta på den. Några månader senare hade energin spridit sig från mötesrummet […]