Reimagine Leadership 2030

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Today Reimagine leadership 2030 gathered complexity practitioners from near and far in Malmö. The secret? It’s all about creating the right context for good things to happen.  Lovely to reconnect with friends and colleagues, and to make some new connections… Dave Snowden, Sonja Blignaut, Nora Bateson, Fisher Qua, David Ershammar, Anne Caspari, Chantal Woltring. Thanks for […]

Increasing demand for systems leadership

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“Today’s complexity forces us to go well beyond the boundaries of our organizations and organizational structures; it demands we lift our gaze and take into account the whole system, including issues of climate change, inclusivity and inequality, to name a few. To be able to do this, we will have to embrace systems approaches and […]

Psykologisk trygghet för lärande och innovation

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                          What’s important to an organization’s future success? Innovation What’s important to keep innovating? Thriving, high performing teams What’s important to ensure high performing teams? Amy C Edmondson Maybe you have seen her name in the articles on Google’s project Aristotle where they made a […]