Increasing demand for systems leadership

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“Today’s complexity forces us to go well beyond the boundaries of our organizations and organizational structures; it demands we lift our gaze and take into account the whole system, including issues of climate change, inclusivity and inequality, to name a few. To be able to do this, we will have to embrace systems approaches and […]

Wayfinding: making sense i complexity and uncertainty 17/9

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Often we think of “being professional” as having things in order and control, while the society of today is increasingly demanding the ability to act in uncertain and complex situations. Three tips for navigating in complexity: – The word “complex” is often used a little carelessly. Keep in mind the difference between complicated and complex: […]

Vertical development

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Fina artiklar om vuxenutveckling nu i Svenska Dagbladet. Idag med Kristina Elfhag som skrivit “Livsutvecklingens psykologi” som jag är glad över att ha fått chans att bidra till med perspektiv, främst kopplat till managementområdet. “Den vuxna jagutvecklingen sker på djupet och under lång tid, förklarar hon. Den är heller inte hänvisad till individen, utan pågår […]