About Ambiwise

Ambiwise stands for an integrated approach and longterm thinking combined with empowered execution. We are passionate about creating contexts for perspective-taking, sensemaking and strategic co-creation, building capabilities and organizations fit for the 21st century. We work as a strategic partner to our clients and collaborate in networks with experts in business innovation, sensemaking, organizational network analysis (ONA) and graphic facilitation. Ambiwise is a premium-member in Cognitive Edge with access to work with their methods: Cynefin and more.

Wiser action in complex times.

Connecting the dots, connecting people, creating value.


We believe in the power of regenerative leadership and organizations in sync with context & humans to create a better life, society and future. Ecosystem as the metaphor rather than factory. Which means less of supotimizations that often do more harm than good.


We contribute to making sense in complexity and move forward by facilitating strategic change processes, holding space for sensemaking & co-creation, building capabilities and thus enable proactive and regenerative work. We contribute as a strategic partner to our clients.

Our core values are Curiousity, Mutual Relations and Value Creation.

“Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.”