Connected Health: Getting to Person-centred care

Health care sector finds itself in a change process from the inside-out perspective where the specialist is the king to the outside-in perspective, with the patients in the centre. How do we reach it? We look at perspectives such as organisations, processes and culture, leadership, technology and of course the patients.


This interactive session aims to give you new perspectives on change management in health care. Patient-centred care or person-centred care – who’s needs should be met? How do we not only gather information but also reflect, learn and act on it? Seeing the bigger picture and taking continous steps of action. What are the enablers and the barriers for change?

The session is for managers within the health sector, developers and entrepreneurs and all people interested in working for a patient centered health care.

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About the organizers

Cat Halthur is a consultant in organizational development. She is also a researcher in how political systems and organizations can support employees in healthcare in the change processes.

Anna Lundbergh is a consultant in business development and change. She has been working for several years with customer experience in public and private sector. Anna is also the founder of Teal for teal Malmö, which is a forum for leadership and new organizations fit for the 21st century.

Creating value from customer opinions – ProductTank

Den 20 april kommer jag att hålla ett inspirationstal på temat ”Learnings from working with customer experience and business development using NPS” i ProductTank, Foo Café, Media Evolution City. Jag ser fram emot det och inte minst att få höra Gustav Jonssons och Markus Norrgrens vinklingar på temat hur man skapar värde av kundfeedback. Hoppas på intressanta diskussioner på ett ständigt aktuellt område. Att svara upp mot kundernas förväntningar och behov är A och O.